What are the equipment used for precision casting

Time: 2020-05-11
Summary: What are the equipment used for precision casting
Materials commonly used in precision casting production include various metals, coke, wood, plastics, gas and liquid fuels, and molding materials. The required equipment is various furnaces for metal smelting, various sand mixers for sand mixing, as well as various molding machines and core making machines for modeling and core making, and sand dropping machines for cleaning precision castings. , Shot blasting machine, etc. There are also machines and equipment for special castings as well as many transportation and material handling equipment.
Bearing seat cooling water not only extends the service life of the bearing seat, but also improves production efficiency when used correctly. In actual production, we often neglect its importance, and the operator is also trying to save trouble. The connection is very troublesome, and the cooling water pipe is not connected. Some companies even save the time when customizing the bearing seat. The cost does not require cooling water, so it has more serious consequences. The material of the bearing housing is usually made of special bearing housing steel through various treatments. No matter how good the bearing housing steel is, there are limits to their use, such as temperature. When the bearing seat is in use, if the mold temperature is too high, it is very easy to cause cracks on the surface of the mold core early.
In the case of using the bearing seat cooling water, the use of the release agent can be greatly reduced, so the operator will not use the release agent to reduce the temperature of the bearing seat. Its advantage is that it can effectively extend the life of the bearing seat, which can save the die-casting cycle and improve the quality of the product, thereby reducing the occurrence of mold sticking and strain and aluminum sticking, and reducing the use of release agent.

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