Precision casting process

Time: 2020-05-14
Summary: For sand casting, mass-production factories should create conditions to adopt technologically advanced modeling and core-making methods. The production line of the old-style shock-type or shock-pressure molding machine is not high in productivity, the labor intensity of the workers is large, and the noise is large. It cannot adapt to the requirements of mass production and should be gradually reformed.
Wax pressing (wax model made by shooting wax) --- wax repairing-wax inspection-group tree (wax module tree) --- shell making (first dip the slurry, drench the sand, then dip the slurry, and finally mold
Shell air-dried) --- Dewaxing (steam dewaxing) ------- Mould shell roasting--Chemical analysis--Pouring (Pouring molten steel in the mold shell) ---- Vibrating shell--
Cutting and separation of castings and pouring rods-grinding gate-initial inspection (blank inspection)-shot blasting cleaning-machining-polishing-finished product inspection-- Warehousing
The casting production process is roughly like this. In general, it can be divided into wax pressing, shell making, pouring, post-processing and inspection
Including wax pressing (wax pressing, wax repair, group tree)
Wax pressing --- making wax mold with wax pressing machine
Repair wax --- Modify wax mold
Group tree --- group the wax model
Shell making includes (hanging sand, hanging pulp, air-drying)
Casting includes (roasting, chemical analysis also called spectroscopy, pouring, shock shell, cut gate, grinding gate)
Post-processing includes (blasting, shot blasting, correction, pickling)
Inspection includes (wax inspection, preliminary inspection, intermediate inspection, finished product inspection)

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