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OEM custom brass casting flange and other investment casting brass components play an important role as bearing bushings, gears, valve and pump bodies, water pipes and other mechanical ndustries which need performance of corrosion resistance and wearing resistance. 

As the most used copper-based alloy, brass can be formed into highly complex casting parts, making them ideal for the investment casting process. Constant cost fluctuations can make these materials very price sensitive, making waste very costly, especially when considering CNC machining and/or forging as a manufacturing process to produce your cast parts. However, pure copper is not usually cast. Casting brass has higher mechanical properties than bronze, but the price is lower than bronze. 

Brass is an alloy composed of copper and zinc. Brass composed of copper and zinc is called ordinary brass. If it is a variety of alloys composed of more than two elements, it is called special brass. Brass is a copper alloy with zinc as the main element. As the zinc content increases, the strength and plasticity of the alloy increase significantly, but the mechanical properties will decrease significantly after exceeding 47%, so the zinc content of brass is less than 47%. In addition to zinc, cast brass often contains alloying elements such as silicon, manganese, aluminum, and lead.

What Brass and Bronze We Cast

  • • China Standard: H96, H85, H65, HPb63-3, HPb59-1, QSn6.5-0.1, QSn7-0.2
  • • USA Standard: C21000, C23000, C27000, C34500, C37710, C86500, C87600, C87400, C87800, C52100, C51100
  • • European Standard: CuZn5, CuZn15, CuZn35, CuZn36Pb3, CuZn40Pb2, CuSn10P1, CuSn5ZnPb, CuSn5Zn5Pb5


Available Metal and Alloys for Different Casting & Manufacturing Processes


Sand CastingGreen Sand CastingGrey Cast Iron, Ductile Cast Iron, Malleable Iron, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Aluminum Alloy, Brass, etc
Resin Coated Sand Casting
Investment Casting (Lost Wax Casting)Water glass Investment CastingCarbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, Duplex Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Brass, Aluminium and other alloys
Silica Sol Investment Casting
Lost Foam CastingDuctile Cast Iron / Grey Cast Iron
ASTM 60-40-18 / 65-45-12 / 80-55-06 / 100-70-03
Carbon steel, Hi-Mn steel, Hi-Cr steel
Austempering Ductile Iron (ADI)
Heat Resistant Steel / Wear Resistant Steel
Vacuum Casting (V Process Casting)Ductile iron GGG 40 to GGG 80 / Grey Iron
ASTM 60-40-18 / 65-45-12 / 80-55-06 / 100-70-03
Carbon steel, Hi-Mn steel, Hi-Cr steel
Austempering ductile iron
Heat resistant steel / Wear resistant steel / Stainless Steel
ForgingOpen ForgingStainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Brass, Aluminum
Die Forging
Roll Forging
Die CastingHigh Pressure Die CastingAluminum, Zinc, Brass
Low Pressure Die Casting
Gravity Pressure Die Casting
Surface Treatment ServicesPowder Coating, Anodization, Electrophotesis, Chrome Plating, Painting, Sand blasting, Nickel Plating, Zinc Plating, Blacking, Polishing, Bluing, Geormet, Zintek, etc.
CNC Precision Machining ServicesLathing, Milling, Turning, Honing, Drilling, Boring, Tapping, Wire Electrode Cutting, Grinding...etc.
Inspection and Quality ControlSpectrum Analyzer, CMM, Hardness Tester, Tensile Strength Tester, Yild Strentgh Testor, Sealing Pressure Tester, Carbon Sulfur Analyzer, Metallurgical Microscopy, Press Force Tester...etc.

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