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China alloy steel sand casting products with OEM custom and CNC machining services

Steel castings are classified according to their chemical composition and are divided into cast carbon steel casting parts and cast alloy steel casting parts. According to the classification of use characteristics, steel castings can be divided into engineering and structural cast steel castings (carbon alloy steel and alloy structural steel), cast special steel parts (corrosion-resistant stainless steel, heat-resistant steel, wear-resistant steel, nickel-based alloy ) and casting tool steel (tool steel, die steel). In the foundry industry, the materials used for steel castings are generally subdivided as follows:
1) Cast carbon steel: cast low carbon steel, cast medium carbon steel, cast high carbon steel (high strength carbon steel)
2) Medium-alloy steel and low-alloy steel for casting: cast manganese steel, cast silico-manganese steel, cast manganese-molybdenum steel, cast manganese-molybdenum-vanadium copper steel, cast chromium steel, chromium-molybdenum cast steel, chromium-manganese-silicon cast steel, chromium-manganese Molybdenum cast steel, chromium molybdenum vanadium cast steel, chromium copper cast steel, molybdenum cast steel, chromium nickel molybdenum cast steel, etc. Different chemical elements can play a different role in improving the corresponding performance. In the following articles, we will introduce the properties of related alloy steels and the roles played by chemical elements one by one.
3) Corrosion-resistant stainless steel: ferritic stainless steel, martensitic stainless steel, austenitic stainless steel and austenitic-ferritic duplex stainless steel.
4) Heat-resistant steel: high chromium steel, high chromium nickel steel and high nickel chromium steel.
5) Wear-resistant cast steel: wear-resistant manganese steel, wear-resistant chromium steel
6) Casting special steel and professional steel: low-temperature cast steel, foundry tool steel (die steel), pressure cast steel, precision casting steel, centrifugal cast cast steel pipe.

▶ Raw Materials of Cast Steel Castings as per standard or customized chemical compositions and mechanical properties.
• Carbon Steel: AISI 1020 - AISI 1060,
• Steel Alloys: ZG20SiMn, ZG30SiMn, ZG30CrMo, ZG35CrMo, ZG35SiMn, ZG35CrMnSi, ZG40Mn, ZG40Cr, ZG42Cr, ZG42CrMo...etc on request.
• Stainless Steel: AISI 304, AISI 304L, AISI 316, AISI 316L, 1.4404, 1.4301 and other stainless steel grade.

▶ Capabilities of Sand Casting moulded by hand:
• Max Size: 1,500 mm × 1000 mm × 500 mm
• Weight Range: 0.5 kg - 500 kg
• Annual Capacity: 5,000 tons - 6,000 tons
• Tolerances: On Request.

▶ Capabilities of Sand Casting by Automatic Molding Machines:
• Max Size: 1,000 mm × 800 mm × 500 mm
• Weight Range: 0.5 kg - 500 kg
• Annual Capacity: 8,000 tons - 10,000 tons
• Tolerances: On Request.


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3ZG20SiMnSCW480 (SCW49)SCW480GS-20Mn51.112G20M620гсл
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