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China OEM custom vacuum casting spare parts for railroad freight cars of Cr-Mo alloy steel with heat treatment, surface treatment and CNC machining service

Vacuum Casting is also called Negative Pressure Sealed Casting, Reduced Pressure Casting or V Process Casting. Vacuum pressure casting requires the use of air extraction equipment to extract the air inside the casting mold, and then use the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the mold to cover the heated plastic film on the pattern and template. The casting mold will become strong enough to withstand the molten metal during casting. After obtaining the vacuum mold, fill the sand box with dry sand without binder, and then seal the top surface of the sand mold with the plastic film, followed by vacuum to make the sand firm and tight. After that, remove the mold, put the sand cores, close the mold to make everthing ready for pouring. Finally, the casting is obtained after the molten metal is cooled and solidified.

Lost Foam Casting vs Vacuum Casting
ItemLost Foam CastingVacuum Casting
Suitable CastingsSmall and medium-sized castings with complex cavities, such as engine block, engine coverMedium and large castings with few or no cavities, such as cast iron counterweights, cast steel axle housings
Patterns and PlatesFoam patterns made by moldingsTemplate with suction box
Sand BoxBottom or five sides exhaustFour sides exhaust or with exhaust pipe
Plastic FilmThe top cover is sealed by plastic filmsAll sides of both halves of sand box are sealed by plastic films
Coating MaterialsWater-based paint with thick coatingAlcohol-based paint with thin coating
Molding SandCoarse dry sandFine dry sand
Vibration Molding3 D VibrationVertical or Horizontal Vibration
PouringNegative PouringNegative Pouring
Sand ProcessRelieve negative pressure, turn over the box to drop sand, and the sand is then reusedRelieve negative pressure, then the dry sand falls into the screen, and the sand is recycled


What Are the Advantages of Vacuum Casting?
1) The vacuum castings have high dimensional accuracy, clear outline and smooth surface.
2) There are no binders, water and additives in the molding sand, which makes the sand processing simple.
3) It is simple to clean the vacuum castings. Less harmful gases are generated during the casting process.
4) The vacuum castings could be used at a wide range of industries. It can be used for single-piece small batch production as well as mass production, especially large and medium-sized castings and thin-walled castings are more suitable for vacuum casting.

What Metals and Alloys Could Be Cast by Vacuum Casting?
• Gray Cast Iron, Ductile Cast Iron
• Carbon Steel: Low carbon, medium carbon and high carbon steel
• Cast Steel Alloys: Low alloy steel, high alloy steel, special alloy steel
• Aluminium and their alloys
• Brass & Copper.

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Cast steel refers to the steel used for the manufacture of steel castings. Cast steel should be used when the strength of the casting is relatively high and the use of cast iron cannot meet the requirements. However, the fluidity of molten steel of cast steel is not as good as that of cast iron, so the thickness of the pouring structure should not be too small and the shape should not be too complicated. When the silicon content is controlled at the upper limit, the fluidity of molten steel can be improved. Cast steel can be divided into cast alloy steel and cast carbon steel according to its chemical composition, and can also be divided into cast tool steel, cast special steel, engineering and structural casting and cast alloy steel according to its characteristics.

Cast alloy steel can be divided into cast low alloy steel (the total alloy elements are less than or equal to 5%), cast alloy steel (the total alloy elements are 5% to 10%) and cast high alloy steel (the total alloy elements are greater than or equal 10%).

Equivalent Grade of Cast Alloy Steel from Different Markets
Low Alloy Steel92551.090455 Si 7250 A 53209055 S 7-
13351.116736 Mn 5150 M 36212040 M 5SMn 438(H)
13301.117028 Mn 6150 M 28-20 M 5SCMn1
P41.2341X6 CrMo 4----
521001.3505100 Cr 6534 A 992258100 C 6SUJ 2
A204A1.541515 Mo 31501 240291215 D 3STBA 12
86201.652321 NiCrMo 2805 M 20250620 NCD 2SNCM 220(H)
87401.654640NiCrMo22311-Type 7-40 NCD 2SNCM 240
-1.658717CrNiMo6820 A 16-18 NCD 6-
51321.703334 Cr 4530 A 32-32 C 4SCr430(H)
51401.703541 Cr 4530 A 40-42 C 2SCr 440 (H)
51401.703541 Cr 4530 A 40-42 C 2SCr 440 (H)
51401.704542 Cr 4530 A 40224542 C 4 TSSCr 440
51151.713116 MnCr 5(527 M 20)251116 MC 5-
51551.717655 Cr 3527 A 60225355 C 3SUP 9(A)
41301.721825 CrMo 41717CDS 110222525 CD 4SCM 420 / SCM430
4135 (4137)1.722035 CrMo 4708 A 37223435 CD 4SCM 432
41421.722341 CrMo 4708 M 40224442 CD 4 TSSCM 440
41401.722542 CrMo 4708 M 40224440 CD 4SCM 440
41371.722542 CrMo 4708 M 40224442 CD 4SCM 440
A387 12-21.733716 CrMo 4 41501 620221615 CD 4.5-
-1.736132CrMo12722 M 24224030 CD 12-
A182 F-221.738010 CrMo9  101501 622221812 CD 9, 10-
61501.815950 CrV 4735 A 50223050 CV 4SUP 10
-1.851531 CrMo 12722 M 24224030 CD 12-
Medium Alloy Steel W11.1545C105W1BW1A1880Y 105SK 3
L31.2067100Cr6BL 3(2140)Y 100 C 6-
L21.2210115 CrV 3----
P20 + S1.231240 CrMnMoS 8 6--40 CMD 8 +S-
-1.2419105WCr6-2140105W C 13SKS 31
O11.2510100 MnCrW 4BO1-90MnWCrV5(SK53)
S11.254245 WCrV 7BS1271055W20-
43401.658234 CrNiMo 6817 M 40254135 NCD 6SNCM 447
51201.714720 MnCr 5--20 MC 5-
Tool and High Alloy SteelD31.2080X210 Cr 12BD32710Z200 C 12SKD 1
P201.231140 CrMnMo 7--40 CMD 8-
H131.2344X40CrMoV 5 1BH132242Z 40 CDV 5SKD 61
A21.2363X100 CrMoV 5 1BA22260Z 100 CDV 5SKD 12
D21.2379X155 CrMoV 12 1BD22310Z 160 CDV 12SKD11
D4 (D6)1.2436X210 CrW 12BD62312Z 200 CD 12SKD 2
H211.2581X30WCrV9 3BH21-Z 30 WCV 9SKD5
L61.271355NiCrMoV 6--55 NCDV 7SKT4
M 351.3243S6/5/2/5BM 3527236-5-2-5SKH 55
M 21.3343S6/5/2BM22722Z 85 WDCVSKH 51
M 71.3348S2/9/2-27822 9 2-
HW 31.4718X45CrSi 9 3401 S 45-Z 45 CS 9SUH1
-1.732120 MoCr 4-2625--
High Tensile Strength SteelA128 (A)1.3401G-X120 Mn 12BW102183Z 120 M 12SCMnH 1
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