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Stainless steel has a minimum chromium content of 10.5%, making it more resistant to corrosive liquid environments and to oxidation. It is highly corrosion resistant and wear resistant, provides excellent machinability, and is well-known for its aesthetic appearance. Stainless steel investment castings are "corrosion-resistant" when used in liquid environments and vapors below 1200°F (650°C) and "heat-resistant" when used above this temperature.


Equivalent Grade of Stainless Steel

CategoriesAISIW-stoffDINBSSSU.N.E. / I.H.A.UNI
Martensitic and Ferritic Stainless Steel420 C1.4034X43Cr16    
440 B/11.4112X90 Cr Mo V18    
-1.2083X42 Cr 13-2314F.5263-
4031.4000X6Cr13403 S 172301F.3110X6Cr13
(410S)1.4001X7 Cr 14(403 S17)2301F.3110X6Cr13
4051.4002X6 CrAl 13405 S 17-F.3111X6 CrAl 13
4161.4005X12 CrS 13416 S 212380F.3411X12CrS13
4101.4006X 10 Cr 13410 S212302F.3401X12Cr13
4301.4016X6 Cr 17430 S 172320F.3113X8Cr17
4201.4021X20 Cr 13420 S 372303F.3402X20Cr13
420F1.4028X30 Cr 13420 S 45(2304)F.3403X30Cr13
(420)1.4031X39Cr13420 S 45(2304)F.3404-
4311.4057X20 CrNi 17 2431 S 292321F.3427X16CrNi16
430F1.4104X12 CrMoS 17-2383F.3117X10CrS17
4341.4113X6 CrMo 17434 S 172325-X8CrMo17
430Ti1.4510X6 CrTi 17---X6CrTi17
4091.4512X5 CrTi 12409 S 17--X6CrTi12
Austenitic Stainless Steel3041.4301X5 CrNi 18 9304 S 152332F.3551X5CrNi18 10
3051.4303X5 CrNi 18 12305 S 19--X8CrNi19 10
3031.4305X12 CrNiS 18 8303 S 212346F.3508X10CrNiS 18 09
304L1.4306X2 CrNiS 18 9304 S 122352F.3503X2CrNi18 11
3011.4310X12 CrNi 17 7-2331F.3517X12CrNi17 07
3041.4350X5 CrNi 18 9304 S 312332F.3551X5CrNi18 10
3041.4350X5 CrNi 18 9304 S 312333F.3551X5CrNi18 10
304LN1.4311X2 CrNiN 18 10304 S 622371--
3161.4401X5 CrNiMo 18 10316 S 162347F.3543X5CrNiMo17 12
316L1.4404-316 S 12/13/14/22/242348 X2CrNiMo17 12
316LN1.4429X2 CrNiMoN 18 13-2375--
316L1.4435X2 CrNiMo 18 12316 S 12/13/14/22/242353-X2CrNiMo17 12
3161.4436-316 S 332343-X8CrNiMo 17 13
317L1.4438X2 CrNiMo 18 16317 S 122367-X2CrNiMo18 16
3291.4460X3 CrNiMoN 27 5 2-2324F.3309-
3211.4541X10 CrNiTi 18 9321 S 122337F.3553X6CrNiTi18 11
3471.4550X10 CrNiNb 18 9347 S 172338F.3552X6CrNiNb18 11
316Ti1.4571X10 CrNiMoTi 18 10320 S 172350F.3535X6CrNiMoTi 17 12
3091.4828X15 CrNiSi 20 12309 S 24--X16 CrNi 24 14
3301.4864X12 NiCrSi 36 16----
Duplex Stainless SteelS327501.4410X 2 CrNiMoN 25 7 4-2328--
S315001.4417X 2 CrNiMoSi 19 5-2376--
S318031.4462X 2 CrNiMoN 22 5 3-2377--
S327601.4501X 3 CrNiMoN 25 7----

Applications of Our Custom Casting and Machining Parts:

1. Automobile Parts: Brake Disc, Connect Rod, Drive Axle, Drive Shaft, Control Arm, Gearbox Housing, Gearbox Cover, Clutch Cover, Clutch Housing, Wheels, Filter Housing, C.V. Joint Housing, Lock Hook.
2. Truck Parts: Rocker Arms, Transmission Gearbox, Drive Axles, Gear Housing, Gear Cover, Towing Eye, Connect Rod, Engine Block, Engine Cover, Joint Bolt, Power Takeoff, Crankshaft, Camshaft, Oil Pan.
3. Hydraulic Parts: Hydraulic Cylinder, Hydraulic Pump, Gerotor Housing, Vane, Bushing, Hydraulic Tank, Hydraulic Cylinder Head, Hydraulic Cylinder Triangle Bracket.
4. Agricultural Machinery and Tractor Parts: Gear Housing, Gear Cover, Connect Rod, Torque Rod, Engine Block, Engine Cover, Oil Pump Housing, Bracket, Hanger, Hook, Bracket.
5. Rail Trains and Freight Cars: Shock Absorber Housing, Shock Absorber Cover, Draft Gear Housing, Draft Gear Cover, Wedge and Cone, Wheels, Brake Systems, Handles, Guids.
6. Construction Machinery Parts: Gear, Bearing Seat, Gear Pump, Gearbox Housing, Gearbox Cover, Flange, Bushing, Boom Cylinder, Support Bracket, Hydraulic Tank, Bucket Teeth, Bucket.
7. Logistics Equipment Parts: Wheels, Caster, Bracket, Hydraulic Cylinder, Forklift Spare Parts, Lock Case.
8. Valve and Pump Parts: Valve Body (Housing), Butterfly Valve Disc, Ball Valve Housing, Flange, Connector, Camlock, Open Impeller, Close Impeller, Pump Housing (Body), Pump Cover.


wax replica for stainless steel casting
stainless steel casting pump bottom
stainless steel casting by investment casting process

Heat Treatment of AISI 316 Stainless Steel Castings:

Heat to 1900°F (1040°C) minimum, holding for sufficient time, quench in water or rapid cool by other means. AISI 316 equal to CF8M/F316 and Chinese Standard 0Cr17Ni12Mo2. AISI 314 is a molybdenum bearing modification of AISI 304 alloy and is the cast equivalent of wrought CF8M Stainless steel. The presence of molybdenum increases the general corrosion resistance and the resistance to pitting by chlorides. The alloy is used in mildly acidic and alkaline conditions and for handling citric, oxalic and phosphoric acids.