Custom C -type Cylinder of Wax Injection Machine Casting OEM ODM
Custom C -type Cylinder of Wax Injection Machine Casting OEM ODM

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A "C-type cylinder" in the context of a wax injection machine typically refers to a hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder that is shaped like the letter "C." These cylinders are an essential component of wax injection machines used in the precision casting industry, particularly in the creation of wax patterns for investment casting. Here's an introduction to the C-type cylinder in a wax injection machine:

Function: C-type cylinders play a crucial role in the wax injection process, which is a key step in investment casting. Investment casting is a manufacturing process used to create complex and intricate metal parts with high precision. Wax patterns are produced to make molds for these parts.

Working Principle: The C-type cylinder is responsible for driving a piston or plunger. This piston is used to inject molten wax or wax material into a mold or die, creating a wax pattern that replicates the final metal part's shape. The cylinder exerts pressure to force the wax into the mold, ensuring that all details are accurately reproduced.

Design: C-type cylinders are named for their distinctive "C" shape, which allows them to provide the necessary force for injecting wax. They are typically powered by hydraulic or pneumatic systems, with hydraulic cylinders being more common due to their ability to deliver high pressure and precise control.

Applications: C-type cylinders are primarily used in wax injection machines in the investment casting industry. Investment casting is employed in various fields, including aerospace, automotive, jewelry, and medical industries, to produce intricate and high-quality metal components.


  • Precision: C-type cylinders provide precise control over the injection process, resulting in highly detailed and accurate wax patterns.
  • Versatility: These cylinders can be adapted to various sizes and shapes of molds and dies, making them suitable for a wide range of components.
  • Efficiency: Wax injection machines with C-type cylinders can produce wax patterns quickly and consistently.

In summary, C-type cylinders in wax injection machines are a critical component in the investment casting process, allowing for the creation of intricate wax patterns that serve as molds for precision casting of metal parts. These cylinders offer high precision, versatility, and efficiency in the production of wax patterns for a variety of industries.